"Hey Mr. Shawn........Hope all is well in your world. Just wanted to give you a quick update on my "progress". Played 2 rounds in Dallas last weekend & overall I am more than pleased with myself.  I didn't score all that much better but was definitely striking the ball much better with all of the clubs, hit approx 70% of the fairways with driver & the misses we not that far off track. I got to get used to being able to hit my driver straight something I have NEVER done, still have some alignment issues. I have never had so many birdie/par puts opportunities before. It's was very cool, windy & the greens were hard and fast that's where I missed my scoring chances along with difficultly chipping off of the dormant hard pan. Have added distance to most of my irons so I will need to get used to that good thing. Most holes were  1 pr 2 over but still had my"blow up " holes where i took a snowman but played two rounds with 4 balls that's pretty remarkable for me!"


"Shawn: Greetings from Geezerville;  Had another outstanding day today  at least 10 strokes off by best previous round of late. In this round I flew the green a couple of times and missed a few putts by slim margins so I'm hoping to shave off a few more strokes. Thanks again you have restored by desire to play more. If I over do the golf I may need a divorce lawyer, know a good one?"

Mickey, 3/14/13

"Thanks for the lesson today! I shot a 76, which is a very good score for me. The turning with the body rather than lifting the arms really helped me immensely! Dave enjoyed and got a lot out of the lesson too. He hit the ball well, although I beat him straight up which I do about once every 3 years or so."

Paul C

"I don't even know what to say. I've always been a longer hitter, but after what you showed me about the hip turn, I added even more distance to my driver. I don't think golfers realize how much better off they would be with more distance and being able to hit an 8 iron into a green rather than a 6 iron! Thanks again amigo!"

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