Lessons With Shawn

Put Shawn's 20+ years experience to the test.

Most people don't know why they hit good shots or bad.

Shawn will help you understand...

  • Why you hook the ball
  • Why you slice the ball
  • Why you top it
  • Why you hit behind it
  • Why your divots look like you are digging ditches

Once you know why you hit bad shots, you can begin to fix the problem. When you have an understanding of your golf game, you can work towards getting better.

Going to the driving range and hitting balls without any idea of what's wrong or how to fix it, won't let you get better.

Shawn will analyze your swing with video cameras and radar technology to determine your tendencies and biggest problems.

Then he will show you how to improve.

Shawn will teach you how to achieve lower scores on the course...

How to hit the ball farther and straighter...

How to fade it...

Draw it...

Or make it spin like crazy and stop on a dime!

Shawn offers all kinds of lessons and packages to meet your needs.

  1. Private Lessons - $185/hr
  2. Group Lessons - $185/hr + $100/hr (each additional person)
  3. Playing Lessons - $500 (18 hole playing lesson)
  4. Junior lessons $100/hr (under 18 yrs old)
  5. Junior playing lesson $400 (18 hole playing lesson)
  6. Internet Lessons - $75/lesson

For more information or to schedule a lesson, contact Shawn at shawn42892@gmail.com

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