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Background in teaching and current projects.

Shawn hanging with Freddy Couples

Shawn has spent over 20 years in the golf business as a professional teacher.

Shawn's experiences comes from a long line of incredible golf teachers that has given him the passion and the knowledge needed to teach the game of golf.

His father, Don Callahan, started his teaching career working for Claude Harmon at Thunderbird Country Club in Palm Springs, California and Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck  New York. Don Callahan as one of his  assistant golf pros.

Shawn at a young age watched as Claude Harmon, his father Don and the other famed assistants for Claude Harmon taught golf. 

Shawn states, "Claude Harmon was probably the greatest teacher I've ever known. He had an amazingly quick eye for the golf swing and knack for getting a struggling golfer to hit it better right away."

Claude Harmon was also known for being a  great player. He had won the 1948 Masters and had placed 3rd at the 1959 US Open.  Claude Harmon also placed 3rd at The PGA Championship 3 times in 1945, 1948 and 1953. He has course records still standing at Seminole CC (60) and Winged Foot (63 both East & West courses) and Fishers Island Club (63)

Claude Harmon served as the patriarch of the "Harmon Fraternity" of golf pros and teachers.

Shawn as well as all others that have followed within the Fraternity, have continuously  honored him with their work and passion for the game.

Don Callahan, Shawn's father introduced him to the game of Golf at the age of six (6). When Shawn was 12, he worked in the bag room for Mr. Harmon on the weekends. Shawn spent a lot of  time with Dick Harmon on his golf swing along with his father.

When gathering for dinners at Mr. Harmon's house during those years, the conversation at the dinner table was always catered towards the game of Golf whether it was in regards to a golf swing, talks of a great player or simply a great golf match. This was the opportunity to learn, teach and play by sharing their thoughts and experiences to always be better.

Throughout the years they all lived by the creed to always keep their eyes open to learn something new.

shawn and charlie

Shawn pictured next to one of his star clients, Charley Hoffman, who was a three (3) time PGA Tour winner including, the 2010 Deutsche Bank Championship - part of the PGA Tour's Fedex Cup Playoffs.

Shawn has learned his craft by  watching and interacting with the best players and teachers in the game.

Players like  Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott just to name a few.


Shawn also learns from the people he sees everyday in his golf schools and lessons.

People just like you.

The stranger the swing, the more he's intrigued.

Especially if it works!

He's always trying to learn more about the swing.

From 1997 to present, Shawn has worked with world renowned golf instructor Butch Harmon at the prestigious Butch Harmon School of Golf, at the Rio Secco Golf Club in Las Vegas.

Shawn has taught all over the world, to everyone from popular tour players, to the average Joe.

Shawn is currently an independent contractor with the Butch Harmon School of Golf.

It has been a rare learning experience and good times, to say the least.

Watching and helping Butch Harmon teach the best players in the world has taught Shawn a tremendous amount.

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