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A Simple Trick to Increase Golf Swing Speed

To increase golf swing speed and learn how to hit a golf ball further doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this short video Shawn shows us how making a simple change to your golf swing and hit it 12 yards further!

Many golf swing coaches make things so complicated that even the best students find it hard to understand.

Shawn believes in keeping things on a 2nd grade level so every golfer has a chance to absorb what he is teaching and improve their game.

Increase Golf Swing Speed | Widen The Arc

Hitting it a few yards further is simply a matter of widening your swing arc to create a nice big arc. The bigger the arc of your swing, the faster the clubhead will be going at impact.

When you increase golf swing speed, your faster clubhead speed translates into more ball speed and more distance.

Of course, centeredness of impact has a lot to do with ball speed, but we’ll leave that for another video.

Now get out on the golf course and give it a go!

Shawn Callahan